Warioduino a monetization robot

[UPDATE] Warioduino goes FAMOUS:  The warioduino project was featured in MAKE and Kotaku!!!
I wanted something nice to have at the office that would tell us every time someone makes a purchase on our game. Every time we make a buck Wario rings the bell and flashes his greedy green eyes. If we make a lot then Wario shoots smoke from his ears!

With the help of Helena and her Wario, a bike bell, a couple of green leds, a servo, and a little smoke machine I took out of a RC tank. All controlled by Arduino using transistors, and a relay for the smoke machine heating element.

A processing applet  checks every minute transactions and sends the results to the Arduino wireless using Xbee.

About Tiburcio de la Carcova

Beside being a man with a weird name Tiburcio is a serial Entrepeneur. He moved to Chile in 2003 to found Wanako Games, a leading video game studio developer acquired by Vivendi Games/Activision in 2006. In 2009 he founded Atakamalabs, adquired by DeNA in 2011. Also a hardcore Maker he builded a workshop in his house with 3D printers and laser cutters. Because he felt lonely (and by recommendation of the marital counsel) he decided to open the STGO Makerspace. He is also founder of idea.me, a crowfunding service focus in latin america creativity.

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