About SMS

STGO Makerspace is an open space for collaboration, creation, research, experimentation, and development of art, science, and technology projects. We provide members space and access to tools and rapid prototyping machines. It’s also a space for divulgation of knowledge through workshops and collaborative working. We want to stimulate the craziness, the invention, and entrepreneurship. We advocate the use of open technologies in hardware and software, knowledge sharing, and respect for the environment. 

Our space is currently under construction and we expect to finish and launch by the end of March.  Inside the 350M2 members and residence startups will have access to many of the latest technologies an materials in rapid prototyping such us:

  • 3D Printin
  • Laser Cutting
  • Precision CNC
  • Large Bed CNC
  • Welding
  • Electronics workshop
  • Robotics
  • Arduino
  • Latte, Saws, and all kinds of tool to lose a finger.
  • and a Retro Game museum and FREE BEER brewed in house.

The Hack Space is located at Av. Italia 850A inside the building of a former Hat Factory in the heart of Barrio Italia neighborhood in Santiago. An emerging center of Design and Arts.

Makerspace Team

               tiburcio@stgomakerspace.com                            alejandra@stgomakerspace.com                           maca@stgomakerspace.com

20 responses to “About SMS”

  1. Fernando Casar says :

    who’s in charge of the brewing???

  2. andrea baca says :

    porque en ingles!!!!!!!!!!

    • macapola says :

      Hola Andrea.
      Es que tenemos mucho público en ingles, y había mucha gente interesada fuera de chile también.
      Así que en pos de la comunicación multidiciplinaria internacional lo pusimos en ingles, pronto tendremos en los dos idiomas

      • rocio duque says :

        Estimados me parece una idea increible, nosotros estamos creando espacios como ese en la Universidad, pero me encantaria poder juntarme con ustedes y ver que podemos hacer en conjunto, dicto un Taller de Proyecto (diseño de productos innovadores) en 2do año de ingenieria en la U. de Chile .. felicitaciones x la iniciativa, faltan mas espacios como este en este pais!!!!

  3. Rafael Torrales says :

    Congrats, the site looks impressive. As it took me some time to explain to a friend the differences between a Tech Shop, FabLab and a Hackerspace, I would like to share this Linkedin Discussion:

    Saludos desde Hackerspace Brussels

    • macapola says :

      sure share this, no problem
      You are welcome to visit us at any time (if you come to chile)

  4. Gabriel Gonzalez Pineda says :

    I will like pay a visit and check de machines and possibilities in advance.
    I’m a hardcore DIY modding stuff and making my own things, just for the sake of learning in the process and i’d like to get my hands on a laser cutter or CNC.
    Is that ok Maca

  5. @jpwack says :

    Hahahaha, “why in english”, anyway, great initiative and excellently located! maybe I’ll visit ASAP and then a membership doesn’t sound bad 😛

  6. Bryan Salt says :

    hey, great stuff. Will be joining you next thursday, looking forward to it big time..

  7. Roberto arancibia says :

    Me he encontrado con una gran sorpresa al ingresar a este sitio y conocer sobre este espacio, me gustaría poder conocer el lugar y conocer mas sobre las experiencias realizadas, han pensado en extender la idea a regiones?
    Saludos y felicitaciones!

  8. Maca López says :

    Me encantó!! felicitaciones !! GO AHEAD!!

  9. Tami Breque says :

    Genial!! I can’t wait for the opening!!
    Siempre quise poder acceder a un lugar así, pero debo admitir que nunca pensé que podría hacerlo aquí mismo en Chile 🙂

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